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We are building up on a unique powder knowledge by making the bridge between industrial processes and powder properties.

We spend a lot of efforts connecting the dots between powder industrial processes and laboratory measurements.

We aim at offering predictive results by working in close collaboration with simulations. Hence we narrow the gap between production and the lab.

We are involved in international research projects, collaborations with innovation centers, and normalization processes to improve powder characterisation methods.


We are a customer-centric company, our goal is to support our customers' efforts in R&D and production handling powders.

We are powder specialists eager to integrate customer feedback into better products.

We listen carefully to customer requests in order to accommodate them.


Granutools has been created to fill in a gap left in the market for decades between manual powder testers and time-consuming experiments.

Our technologies range from simple mass flow rate testers to tribochargers. All instruments combine strict initialization protocols and a high level of automation.

From image analysis algorithms to laser sensing, we are never put off by new technology challenges as long as it serves our purpose to better understand powder behavior.

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