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In 2011, UNIC established what has become a highly successful Medical School. Building on this success and the high educational standards achieved the School of Veterinary Medicine has now been established to offer the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) degree.

Accredited by the Cyprus Agency of Quality Assurance and Accreditation in Higher Education (CYQAA), this degree has been developed to meet the requirements for recognition in all EU/EEA countries and around the world.

You will be offered an excellent training in Veterinary education, underpinned by the concept of One Health, defined as the collaborative effort of multiple, related, disciplines working together to promote the health of humans, animals and the environment they live in. The close synergies between the School of Veterinary Medicine, the Medical School and other health-related departments of the University, create exciting research and interprofessional learning opportunities, and an ideal academic ecosystem for offering you an all-round education in veterinary medicine that meets the collective health and safety needs of the modern world.

Excellence in teaching and research is driving our effort to become one of the leading establishments in Medical Veterinary Education in the world. We are committed to our mission of enhancing the well-being and health of animals and human beings through research, excellence in education and service to the community both in Cyprus and across the world. Great challenges, such as climate change and the threats posed by pathogens to animals and humans, underpin our research strategy. Several top-class facilities form an integral part of our teaching infrastructures, including large animal farms and antibiotic-free organic farms.

Your training will take place in facilities that will bestow on you the knowledge, skills and clinical proficiency that is required by all major international professional accreditation bodies, like the RCVS, AVMA, EAEVE and the World Organisation for Animal Health.

Student-centred education supports the development of your clinical skills and reasoning, promotes team learning and critical-thinking qualities and skills that are essential for your future career in Veterinary Medicine.

The University of Nicosia is an inclusive multicultural place, and our students are fully engaged in programme evaluation and continuous improvement.

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