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  1. Tradition of Excellence at the Service of the Americas

With a 75-year tradition, Zamorano maintains its excellence in training future leaders. Our programs focus on the development of professionals who are committed to scientific progress and the future of societies, especially in Latin America. We maintain the tradition of forming students both academically and ethically, through a rigorous and disciplined program. This comprehensive training has contributed to the ascension of our graduates in their workplaces. Many alumni have become government ministers, CEOs of major companies, and renowned consultants, and substantially contribute to the development of their countries of origin.


  1. Learning by Doing

Learning by Doing is a professional and personal training philosophy for life that differentiates us from other universities. It consists of organized hands-on work modules and the implementation of sound scientific and business knowledge in a real world context. This philosophy encourages our students to use their skills and abilities for problem solving in various professional environments that reflect modern working conditions. Finally, we continually improve this system to meet changing needs and demands.


  1. Four Majors, Four Years

Zamorano offers four majors based on the food value chain. Through them, we have integrated all the stages of a development sequence that allows the addition of resources and utilities, while respecting the environmental balance by following friendly practices that guarantee environmental conservation.

  1. Human resources and first-class infrastructure

Our professors come from all over the world. They have received higher levels of formal education, with doctorate and master degrees from the best universities in the United States, Latin America, and Europe and also serve as academic advisors and personal mentors. Most live on campus with their families, facilitating a closer relationship between teacher and students. Zamorano’s campus facilitates academic learning and coexistence. With regards to teaching, we have facilities that are unique in the region. They include agro-industrial plants, specialized laboratories, research centers, and advanced technological resources. Finally, we have sports facilities where students can carry out various recreational activities.

  1. An International Family

The Zamorano saying that states: "We come from one country by birth, live in another by choice, and become Zamoranos by conviction." Zamorano students are Latin American young men and women from 29 countries, who share their studies, cultural experiences, and establish ties of friendship that last a lifetime. This is coupled with an equally international faculty, which contributes to the exchange of views and knowledge. More than 7,500 graduates affirm that life in Zamorano is an experience that deeply marks their character, loyalty, sense of belonging, and especially their way of valuing respect and service to others. Last but not least, to encourage ongoing contact and professional support, there is an organized network of graduates all over the world.

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