Sano Centre for Computational Personalised Medicine

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Sano is a new non profit research institute dedicated to the advancement of computational medicine, developing sophisticated computer methods for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of disease, to meet the overarching worldwide need for efficient, effective and streamlined healthcare.

Exceptional Opportunity

Sano will combine expertise in machine learning and deep data exploration approaches, with advanced simulation and large-scale high-performance computing. It will act as a core technology and expertise provider for industry, innovation and increased productivity. Operationally, Sano strategically combines the most prestigious scientific grant currently available in Poland – the International Research Agenda project – with one of the most competitive grants in EU’s H2020: Teaming for Excellence Phase 2. Combined with additional Polish Ministry of Science guarantees, the Centre has secured significant investment over a seven-year period. With this scale of funding, and aided by an excellent European partnership network, we are confident that Sano will bring a critical mass to this transformational field of research, in order to translate scientific advancements into clinical practice.

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