Bilbao, Spain


The Basque Government created Ikerbasque, the Basque Foundation for Science, to develop scientific research in the Basque Country by attracting senior researchers and creating new research capacities.


Ikerbasque is the Foundation launched by the Basque Government to reinforce the Basque Science System. To do so, we attract, retain and consolidate researchers and create research centres, working alongside with the scientific community and being committed to excellence.


Ikerbasque strives to be in 2013:

  • the main science production institution in the Basque Country, in relative terms to our number of researchers;
  • thanks to our capacity to attract and retain scientific talent,
  • and our contribution to the creation of new basic excellent research centres;
  • recognized by the society, the public administration and our Board by our contribution to foster Science in the Basque Country, by our management and sustainability model,
  • and where all the staff of the Foundation can fully develop his/her potential.