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Associate senior lecturer in social and economic sustainability

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Södertörns högskola (Södertörn University) in south Stockholm is a dynamic institute of higher education with a unique profile and high academic standard. A large proportion of the university staff holds doctorates and there is a strong link between undergraduate education and research. Södertörn University has around 13 000 students and 840 employees. Undergraduate and postgraduate education and research are conducted in the Humanities, Social Sciences, Life Sciences, Technology and Education. Our site is in Flemingsberg. Södertörn University is an equal opportunities employer.

The School of Social Sciences has nine main fields of study, numerous multidisciplinary study programmes and several research centres. It is also home to the research area of Politics, Economy and the Organisation of Society (PESO). Business Studies, Journalism, Sociology, Social Work and Political Science have degree-awarding powers at doctoral level.

We are now welcoming applications for the position of associate senior lecturer in social and economic sustainability, specialising in the Baltic Sea region and Eastern Europe.

The position is located within the subject of Sociology, which has existed at Södertörn University for over 20 years and is characterised by a strong and vibrant research environment. Primary areas of research include working life, civil society, political organisation, social sustainability, social movements, social capital, trust, urbanism, and health and welfare. We welcome applicants who want to contribute to this dynamic research environment!

Job description Associate senior lecturers are offered conditions conducive to obtaining the necessary research and teaching qualifications for promotion to senior lecturer. This position includes research in Sociology at 70% of full time, specialising in the Baltic Sea region and Eastern Europe, as well as teaching and other tasks at 30% of full time. A halfway evaluation will be performed to support and follow up the qualification process. As associate senior lecturer you must complete a course in higher education pedagogy worth at least 7.5 credits, if you have not previously done so.

Your research duties include conducting your own research, applications for research funding and active participation in the academic community. Educational duties may include teaching at Bachelor’s, Master’s and doctoral levels, supervision or course development, and participation in educational development work. In addition, there will be administrative tasks such as the coordination of teaching and research, as well as elements of external collaboration. The position requires active and collegial participation in Sociology’s teaching and research environment at Södertörn University. Teaching is Sociology is conducted in Swedish and English. An associate senior lecturer who does not have the ability to teach in Swedish must acquire this during the period of employment.

You are qualified for employment as an associate senior lecturer in social and economic sustainability if you have been awarded a PhD in the research area of Sociology or have the equivalent expertise, and can demonstrate teaching expertise in the field of Sociology or have the equivalent educational skills. For this position, you must have conducted research in the Baltic Sea region and/or Eastern Europe. For this position, you must be able to teach in Swedish and/or English. Primary consideration should be given to someone who has been awarded a PhD or achieved the equivalent expertise in the five years prior to the deadline for application for employment as an associate senior lecturer. However, in exceptional circumstances, someone who has been awarded a PhD or achieved the equivalent expertise at an earlier date may also be considered. Exceptional circumstances are sick leave, parental leave or other similar circumstances. The applicant must otherwise have the personal skills necessary to do their job well and to represent the university in a way that benefits its activities.

Research expertise is demonstrated through scholarly publications in the relevant subject area, participation in research projects, research collaborations, and contributions to the development of the subject.

Teaching expertise is demonstrated through documented experience of teaching and a self-reflective approach to student learning and experience and your own role as a teacher.

Grounds for assessment
The basis for assessment when employing a senior lecturer in social and economic sustainability is the degree of expertise that is required to be eligible for the position. For this position, scholarly expertise is of more importance than teaching expertise. The following grounds for assessment have been established for this position (in order of importance): The below items must be documented.

  • The planned research’s feasibility, originality and contribution to Sociology research specialising in the Baltic Sea region and Eastern Europe (applicants must append a description of their planned research, intended research partnerships, and any other activities relevant to the position. Max. 25,000 characters, including spaces).
  • Teaching skills in Sociology
  • Experience of multidisciplinary work
  • Administrative skills

For complete information about qualifications and the criteria for assessing them, please read Södertörn University’s Appointments Procedure.

Promotion to senior lecturer
A person who is employed as an associate senior lecturer must, after applying and at least six months prior to the end of their period of employment, be promoted to senior lecturer if they are qualified for such as position and fulfil the specific grounds for assessment that must be applied to promotions to senior lecturer. Such a promotion entails employment until further notice as a senior lecturer.

Specific grounds for assessment for promotion
The below items must be documented.

  • Considerable progression in research and teaching expertise compared to when applying for the position of associate senior lecturer.
  • Excellent research expertise in Sociology and the area of social and economic sustainability specialising in the Baltic Sea region and Eastern Europe. While employed as an associate senior lecturer, the applicant must have deepened and/or broadened their scholarly register. Particular emphasis is placed on scholarly publications of a high quality, participation in research projects, research partnerships, and contributions to the subject’s development. It is a priority that, over time, the applicant has displayed increasing autonomy in his or her scholarly work.
  • The ability to conduct teaching in Swedish and English.

This position is full time and for a fixed term of six years. First date of employment as agreed.

The application deadline is 31 January 2023.
Your application must be written in English, as it may be assessed by international experts.

Additional information
Paul Fuehrer, Head of Department, +46 (0)70 555 1247, paul.fuehrer@sh.se 
Viktor Hasselgren, HR specialist, +46 (0)73 714 1296, rekrytering@sh.se 

Welcome with your application! On our website, sh.se/vacantpositions, there is an application template that the applicant needs to follow. Publications referred to must be attached to the application. An application that is not complete or arrives at Södertörn University after the closing date may be rejected. The current employment is valid on condition that the employment decision becomes valid. Södertörn University may apply CV review. Union representatives: SACO: info.saco@sh.se ST: st@sh.se SEKO: Henry Wölling tel: +46 8 524 840 80, henry.wolling@ki.se Södertörn University has made strategic advertisement choices for this recruitment. Therefore, we decline all contact with advertisers and other salespersons of advertisement.


Associate senior lecturer in social and economic sustainability
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