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Welcome to SUSTech, a public university with the vision to excel in interdisciplinary research, to nurture innovative talents and to deliver new knowledge to the world.

At SUSTech, we don’t simply dream. We nurture dreamers with critical thinking, open-mindedness and innovative spirit.

Since our establishment, we have committed ourselves not merely to the advancement of science and technology, but also to impart knowledge and to build a top-tier institution of higher education.

Today, our faculty and students study, teach, and learn across 29 academic programs. We take pride in offering an outstanding faculty trained globally to support academic research that has impact and value to our nation and the world.

Our verdant campus is located in Nanshan District, where it enjoys the merits of the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone of China and the coastal richness of Hong Kong.

The strong regional and global connections enable us to enhance academic exchange, and grant our graduates more opportunities to realize their dreams as researchers, innovators and entrepreneurs.

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