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The UCAM-SENS unit is recruiting Postdoctoral Researchers


UCAM-SENS, the Unit of Chemical Sensing at the UCAM, is currently seeking postdoctoral researchers who are passionate about engaging in cutting-edge research projects at the intersection of Analytical Chemistry, Electrochemistry, Nanotechnology, and Microelectronics.

The UCAM-SENS is a scientific unit that strives for the digital transformation of key domains such as Health, Sport, Food and the Environment using advanced (bio)chemical sensing based on electrochemistry and imaging principles. The UCAM-SENS is led by Prof. Maria Cuartero and Prof. Gaston Crespo, who after an extensive academic career in Switzerland and Sweden of ten years, set this unique research and educational environment at the UCAM.

The mission of UCAM-SENS is established on four pillars: (i) RESEARCH, the synergy of fundamental and applied investigations with remarkable significance, quality and high impact, resulting in tangible outcomes that solve current and future societal challenges; (ii) EDUCATION, personalized education at master and PhD levels in chemical digitalization with sub-branches such as bioelectrochemistry, analytical methods, nano-chemistry, imagining, micro-fluidics, etc. (iii) INNOVATION, materialize research ideas into concrete business cases, advance the technological readiness accompanied with alternatives to reach end-users aiming at improving the citizens’ life, our environment and surrounded. Note that we are a foundation with a social mission, and thus, benefits are fully re-invested in our research purpose. (iv) INDUSTRIAL PARTNERSHIP, the UCAM-SENS has the required scientific knowledge to develop sustainable research, development, and innovation projects (R+D+I) in cooperation with the industrial sector toward a mutual benefit.

The UCAM-SENS unit is located at the HiTech research building (research incubator and accelerator), which is a multicultural and multidisciplinary environment where people, ideas, knowledge, and necessities meet together to pose and address new challenges.

To fit in the UCAM-SENS team. The Postdoc must have:

  • Demonstrated experience in one of the following fields:
    • (bio)chemical sensors,
    • fundamental and applied electrochemistry
    • analytical chemistry
    • wearable and microneedle devices
    • single-cell detection
    • conducting polymers
  • Attach a list of publications and/or projects related to the above experience.
  • Advanced English level (C1).

UCAM-SENS is seeking exceptional postdoctoral researchers goal-oriented and with the ambition to generate independent and innovative research ideas. In general, the candidate must:

  • Show complete independence in pursuing his or her work,
  • Excellent enthusiasm and innovative thinking
  • Excellent publication records,
  • Excellent supervision skills
  • Excellent collaborative skills
  • A professional and business mindset
  • High capacity to work on multidisciplinary projects.

After the qualification requirements, great emphasis will be placed on personal qualities and personal suitability.

What is offered:

  • Postdoctoral research contract (under agreement)
  • UCAM-SENS offers an innovative, dynamic, and international research environment (www.ucam-sens.com) in which to develop your career.


Postdoctoral Researchers
Campus de los Jerónimos, Guadalupe Murcia, España
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