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ICIQ Fully-Funded PhD Programme 2024 – SECOND CALL

2024-06-23 (Europe/Madrid)
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The Fully-Funded PhD Programme offered by The Institute of Chemical Research of Catalonia (ICIQ) is aimed at exceptional graduate students from all over the world, to support their enrolment in a training and research programme in the field of chemistry, ultimately leading to the completion of a Doctoral Thesis in partnership with the Universitat Rovira i Virgili (URV). The programme will also contribute to their professional career development, in the fields of academia and industry.

This objective is achieved by:

  • The performance of an individual research project under the direction of an internationally renowned Group Leader, in a creative and stimulating scientific environment.
  • Opportunities for short stays in distinguished international research institutions.
  • Opportunities for complementary training in both technical and soft skills. Trainings are designed to ensure a successful career: weekly scientific seminars, hands-on training in the use of state-of-the-art scientific instrumentation, IP management, entrepreneurship, research integrity, knowledge and technology transfer, grant applications, project management, communication skills and career development. ICIQ offers a yearly personalized training programme for PhD students, SHARP, which takes place during the course of 2 weeks, with trainings focused on their given PhD year. 

The programme is addressed to highly qualified and talented graduate students with a keen interest in chemical research. Candidates should have an excellent academic record, strong commitment to scientific research and a solid working knowledge of English.

Admission to the programme is on a competitive basis.

I. Available positions: See Annex 1

II. Application process

The entire application process will be completed online. Applicants must apply by accessing ICIQ’s Career Portal, by using the following application link: ICIQ Fully-Funded PhD Programme 2024 – SECOND CALL - ICIQ.

Applications sent by email or any other means will not be eligible.

Only one application per person will be considered. In case of multiple applications, only the first application submitted will be taken into consideration.

After completing the online form, applicants must attach the following documents:

  1. Required documentation

    1. A full Curriculum Vitae (in PDF format). It should include the academic background, work or research experience, publications, conferences, grants and awards, previous participation in ICIQ programmes, other relevant merits and references.

    2. A personal statement that describes the applicant’s academic background, research experience and career goals (maximum two DIN A4 pages, in PDF format). This is a very important section of the application process. The candidate must be able to communicate their interests and how these would align with ICIQ and a PhD training. Candidates should also mention the research group where they would like to carry out their PhD, and the reasons why they are interested in a particular group leader and their research project.

    3. Official transcripts of BSc and MSc studies in PDF format. A scanned copy of the certified academic record of the studies granting access to the PhD programme (BSc and MSc if available). In case that the MSc studies have not yet been completed at the time of the application, candidates must include details on the subjects in which they are currently enrolled (subject name and number of credits). For academic records not issued in Catalan, Spanish or English, a certified translation in English should be provided; otherwise, applications which do not include a certified translation of the academic record will be non-eligible and, therefore, not taken into consideration. For degrees obtained in foreign institutions, the academic record must include the range of marks used in the corresponding countries and the minimum mark to pass, as well as the hours or ECTS and marks for each subject.

    4. Contact details for letters of recommendation of two University professors or other relevant individuals who can assess the candidate’s potential for research. ICIQ will contact the people listed as references only in the event that a candidate is shortlisted. We suggest informing your references.

    5. English proficiency level: Applicants must provide evidence of their proficiency in written and oral communication in the English language. Preferably, by the submission of a B2 certificate, First Certificate, IELTS 6 or equivalent. This certificate is not mandatory but desirable, and alternatively late stage candidates will be interviewed to assess their English level. Applicants from Anglosphere (UK, Ireland, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand) are exempt from this requirement.

Please note that documents sent in hard copy cannot be processed. 

Applicants should select only ONE PhD supervisor.

Once the application has been successfully completed, an acknowledgement e-mail will be automatically sent. Candidates must ensure that all the required documentation is included before submitting the application. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

III. Eligibility and evaluation criteria

The programme is open to graduate students, from any nationality that fulfil the following eligibility criteria:

  • Candidates must have a Master’s or an equivalent degree in the areas of Chemistry, Pharmacy, Physics, Chemical Engineering or related disciplines that must be completed by the time of enrolment in the PhD programme.

When in doubt regarding the eligibility criteria, applicants should contact ICIQ’s People unit at prior to submission of the application.

Candidates who fulfil the eligibility criteria will be evaluated according to the following evaluation criteria:

  1. Curriculum vitae.

  2. Personal statement.

  3. Academic marks.

  4. English level.

  5. Personal interview for short-listed candidates.

IV. Evaluation and Selection Process

The evaluation and selection of the candidates will be performed by the project supervisor supported by the People unit team, and following the below procedure:

  1. Submitted applications will be checked for eligibility and those not fulfilling all the criteria will be rejected. It won’t be possible to modify the application or to add missing documentation after the application has been submitted.

  2. The selection will be based on the evaluation criteria described in Section III.

  3. At the late stages of the selection process, only short-listed candidates will be contacted for a personal interview.

  4. All applicants will be notified of the final selection decision throughout July of 2024. The name of the awardees will be published on ICIQ’s website.

Successful candidates will be requested to inform ICIQ whether they accept or decline the offer within five business days after being notified. The offer will be considered declined in the event that the applicant does not respond during this time.

ICIQ follows in its selection process a gender equality opportunity policy and a non-discrimination policy on the basis of age, ethnic or social origin, religion or belief, sexual orientation, language and disability. 

ICIQ is committed to promoting a work-life balance for its employees and, as such, offers flexible working hours.

V. Grant Conditions

  1. The awardees of an ICIQ Fully-Funded PhD position will be considered research personnel in training and they will have an employment contract (a pre-doctoral contract) which is regulated in the Spanish Law 14/2011, of June 1st, of Science, Technology and Education. 

  2. Pre-doctoral contracts are renewed annually for up to 4 years. Renewal is subject to satisfactory performance in the PhD studies and related research activities.

  3. The gross yearly salary of the contract shall be split into 12 monthly payments and distributed as shown below:

First and Second year of PhD: 17.823,93€ /year

Third year of PhD:                               19.097,06 € /year

Fourth year of PhD:                            23.871,33 € /year

  1. The fellowship includes full social security coverage through the Spanish Social Security system, providing access to the Spanish public health care system and pension and unemployment benefits.

  2. The grant holder is entitled to temporarily interrupt the fellowship in the following situations: temporary disability, risk during pregnancy, maternity, paternity and adoption or foster care. The time elapsed during this interruption will not be accounted for against the total time.

  3. The contract will take effect on the date when the awarded student joins the centre.

  4. The Fully-Funded PhD includes the costs of enrolment in the PhD programme. These costs will be paid by each beneficiary to the university, and later they will be refunded by ICIQ. The PhD thesis has to be completed within 4 years.

  5. The PhD awardees will work full-time at ICIQ and may not receive any other fellowship or regular income.

  6. The Fully-Funded PhD position is incompatible with any other fellowship with the same purpose.


Call openingMay 27th 2024
Call deadlineJune 23rd 2024
Notification to candidatesAs from July 8th 2024
Start of fellowships:September/October 2024

Annex 1: Available positions

Supervisor: Dr. Katherine Villa
Project: Light-driven nanorobots for Removal of Biological Agents.
Number of positions: 1
Reference: PhD 2024-07 KV

Supervisor: Dr. Katherine Villa
Project: 3D-printed photocatalytic materials for energy applications.
Number of positions: 1
Reference: PhD 2024-08 KV

Supervisor: Prof. Emilio Palomares
Project: Development of single junction and multijunction solar cells through the application of self-assembled molecules.
Number of positions: 1
Reference: PhD 2024-09 EP

Supervisor: Prof. Emilio Palomares
Project: Understanding the relationship between structure and performance of novel materials for energy applications.
Number of positions: 1
Reference: PhD 2024-10 EP

Supervisor: Prof. Antoni Llobet
Project: Redox Catalysis for Solar Fuels. 
Number of positions: 2
Reference: PhD 2024-11/12 ALL

Supervisor: Prof. Feliu Maseras
Project: Statistical treatments for computational homogeneous catalysis. 
Number of positions: 1
Reference: PhD 2024-13 FM

Supervisor: Prof. Núria López
Project: Machine Learning for the Analysis of Experimental Data.
Number of positions: 1
Reference: PhD 2024-14 NL

Supervisor: Prof. Carles Bo
Project: Computational modelling of inorganic/organic hybrid assemblies for energy conversion.
Number of positions: 1
Reference: PhD 2024-15 CB

Supervisor: Dr. José A. Berrocal
Project: Development of polymer materials incorporating photo- and mechano-responsive molecules for sensing applications. 
Number of positions: 1
Reference: PhD 2024-16 JB

Supervisor: Prof. Pau Ballester
Project: Synthetic receptors and sensors for the supramolecular detection of relevant biomarkers related to human health. 
Number of positions: 1
Reference: PhD 2024-17 PB


ICIQ Fully-Funded PhD Programme 2024 – SECOND CALL
Avinguda Paisos Catalans, 16 Tarragona, España
Fecha límite de aplicación
2024-06-23 23:59 (Europe/Madrid)
2024-06-23 23:59 (CET)
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