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University of Concepcion

In 1919 Udec was established the first regional university in the country. Its founder and first rector, Enrique Molina, stated that: “besides preparing professionals of liberal courses and technical professionals, as required by the increase in national wealth and development; the new university will be the center of information for the community, university extension, scientific experimentations, research and promotion of the best literary, humanistic and philosophic cultural reference".

Research must be understood as the creation of new knowledge of the highest scientific and technological level. Creation is also the execution of new and high quality activities in the artistic scope that belong to cultural heritage expressions. Both actions reflect the capacity of an institution to contribute in the progress and development of a country and in people’s education. The results are validated and recognized when they are subjected to specialized critique and then informed to the society through appropriate means.

The permanent, systematic and collaborative work carried out at the University of Concepcion when researching and creating, is a sound way of achieving high quality levels, which, at the same time allow consolidating a national and international leadership in this area.

The University of Concepcion has kept permanent and historical bonds with the local and national community in addition to numerous public and private institutions, both national and international, through a variety of activities carried out by teachers and students. The aim of these activities is to disseminate knowledge, culture and arts with high standards of excellence.

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